The MONTHLY HOUSE MASH-UP is back on track!

The MONTHLY HOUSE MASH-UP is back on track!
Jackin'The House
1st Activation in 2011
10PM - END at 365 ECO BAR

Basement House Music Tranzmitter
Ical - Robin - Anggarez

Our Special Guest on The Deck
DIPHA Future 10 / Agrikulture
As far back in late 90’s, Dipha became an electronic music lover. Until in 2004 his musical taste was shaped by Indonesian house music underground scene.
With his passion of electronic music, he picked up house music with elements and vibes from electroclash , funk, breaks, bmore, dub , disco, techno, and also acid house. He had many influences by international and local djs such as Jeno  ( Wicked ,SF ) , Laurent Garnier , Joakim , Erol Alkan , Crookers, Proxy
In 2007 Dipha joined Indonesia’s prestigious electronic band , Agrikulture
Trendsetting the hippest party in Jakarta, called Misch Masch .
Dipha  has played alongside international names such as Hans Nieswandt ( Whirpool productions, KOMPAKT , Germany ) , Steve Aoki ( Dim Mak ), and Gildas & Masaya ( Kitsune , France),  and  voted by JUICE MAGAZINE  as Best DJ of the year 2008 and Alternative DJ of the year REDMA 2010
With his musical style, and his impeccably smooth mixing, this nu-breed knows how to mesmerize a dancing crowd and pump up the boundaries.

support from:
91.60 Indika FM, Clubhoppers,,,

365 Eco Bar
Jl.Kemang Raya #6 JKT (Next to Aksara)

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