Onion Jack & Soul

- Onion Jack & Soul -

Saturday 15/01/11 @ 365 ECO BAR, FREE ENTRY!

As we're saying hello to 2011, here's something light for u to kick start the year! Onion Jack & Soul is back. Hailing from UK, we present you a group of lads who play a wide range of music from soulful, deep, acid to jackin House. We're thinking laid back, fun & the total enjoyment for your precious weekend. So if you think u're into this sort of thing, then this might just be the perfect nite for u - Or not. But here's a guarantee, if u come, we'll give u absolutely brilliant music & some bloody good time!

Angus (House.FM)
Sixteen (DAFKAF)
Anggarez (Basement House)
Pirton&Hudi (untitled frameset)

This event is supported by:
Mindmap 365 ECO BAR Basement House DAFKAF
FreeMagz.com RVLX.net Homses.net

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