Magical Odyssey feat. Nick Chacona (moodmusic/2020 vision/hector works)

Basement House Presents
Magical Odyssey with
Nick Chacona (NY)

Saturday, January 30th 2010
10pm onwards at BuddhaBar

A Tour in Conjunction with the upcoming album release
"Love In The Middle", also the celebration of his Birthday.
We invite you to enjoy a Magical Journey from his DJ set.
And to ensure, this is gonna be an unfergettable
musical moment to begin the year of 2010.

As the branches of house stretch further and further out across the universe of sub-genres, it's quite easy for many artists to be pigeonholed into this or that sound. It's seems quite the opposite for Brooklyn, NY's Nick Chacona. Over the years his productions have grown to encompass elements of sound from across the world of dance music, melding the arpeggiated sounds of Rimini, the trackiness of Chicago, minimalism of Berlin, and dubbed out vibes of Kingston, Jamaica sometimes in the same track.

Nick began producing in 1999 under the Version Eternal moniker for NY label Homestyle Cooking. In 2003, Nick released his tour de force in "Band Practice," the b-side to his mysterious promo-only "Pool Party" project. Initially the release was under the radar but within a year, "Band Practice" was a frequent tune in the sets of DJs from Harvey, Rub & Tug, and Prins Thomas, and whatever copies that were left sold out swiftly, turning the record into a much sought after collector's piece. Since that time Nick has gone on to release tracks on renowned labels Moodmusic, 2020 Vision, Ben Watt's Buzzin Fly, Saw, Dogtown, Bearfunk, and the inaugural release for Prins Thomas's Internasjonal. Nick is a partner in the Hector Works imprint that was founded by his old skateboarding buddy Anthony Mansfield (Barfly, Rong Records) that has released a number of collaborations between the two and reissued both "Pool Party" and "Brand Practice" as proper singles.

He has recently finished remixes for Tiny Sticks, Gomma, Still Music's Past Due, Ransom Note, Eighttrack, and is in the throws of finishing up his first full Length release for Sasse's Moodmusic.
In a DJ capacity, Nick is as versatile as you will find. He began spinning over 15 years ago, strictly playing reggae but shortly thereafter fell in love with house & disco. Never one to let the crowd down, Nick's sets are filled with energy, finesse, and diversity flowing from nu disco, house, techno, italo and classics—whatever is required in the moment. He has played across the US from NY to San Francisco, as well as Brazil, Germany, Spain, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Serbia, Holland, and the UK.

Also Featuring
Ical - Robin - Anggarez - Mike Wowor

eye melting visual installation
Hammer & Mace

Get your Ticket at
IDR 125.000 (include drink)

Table prices:

Table 1 --> 5 jt + 10 guestlist
Table 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dan 7 --> 3.5jt + 6 guest list

Patio Jungle:
Jungle 1, 2, 3, 4 --> 2jt + 5 guest list

Patio Garden:
Patio 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 --> 2jt + 5 guest list
Patio 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 --> 1 jt + 2 guest list

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