Nick Chacona, 30 Jan 2010 at Buddha Bar

Love In The Middle is about as perfect an album title as it gets, as that’s precisely what happened to Nick Chacona while working on his debut long-player. The story begins in the borough of Brooklyn, where Nick’s called home for years. Spurred on by longtime friend, collaborator, and Moodmusic head honcho, Klaus “Sasse” Lindlbad, a heartbroken Nick began writing the album in earnest in the Spring of 2008, In fact, it was Sasse who came up with the idea of Nick doing an album in the first place so it’s only fitting that he signed it to Moodmusic.

A cathartic process to say the very least, writing and producing the songs that make up Love In The Middle were a veritable outpouring of the house hero’s emotions as channeled through the many genres that make up Nick’s ever-evolving sound. From the cosmic disco of album opener “Especial” (penned with Hector Works and frequent production partner Anthony Mansfield), to the futuristic boogie pop of “The Fear” (featuring Sheffield’s disco songstress Kathy Diamond); the raw house of “Wait” (featuring the inimitable Brothers Vibe on vocal duties); the gorgeously emotive, Mr. Fingers-inspired “Be Like Olive”; or the deep, bassbin-shaking dub of “Eskayelator”, it’s clear that Nick’s equally at home producing myriad styles.

Speaking of home, Nick called many a place just that throughout the recording process, and it was these varied locations that also shaped the eclectic sound of Love In The Middle. Berlin’s vibrant club life, not to mention his friends Sasse and Dirt Crew’s James Flavour helped to give the album that sound system-savvy oomph. San Francisco brought the sunshine, and the opportunity to collaborate with Anthony Mansfield. In between snowboarding sessions in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and taking in the autumn foliage in upstate New York, Nick found solace in the peaceful environs the countryside had to offer.

Fittingly, he returned home to Brooklyn to finish the album, moving in with his girlfriend Shanan Campanaro, the “love” he found “in the middle” of making the album. (It’s worth noting Shanan provided the ethereal, hand-painted cover artwork. And so our Love In The Middle tale comes to a close.

Nick Chacona is clearly at the top of his game now, from the stunning debut artist album you’ll likely be listening to in moments (or already have been while reading this), to his recent remix of Fever Ray’s “Seven”; to Greg Wilson’s recent inclusion of his and Mansfield’s disco bomb “Oh Snap!”, to his new project Beg To Differ with The Wurst Music Co’s label boss, Roy Dank. The list of Nick’s accomplishments is not easy to put in one press release, so we’ll leave it at that, and let you enjoy Love In The Middle now.

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