Mike Wowor

Michael ben syura sondia wowor or prefer known as Dj. Mike Wowor started his career as a Dj. in 2003. The reason he became a Dj because music is his life, he love music very much. Thats why he wants to learn more and try to create his own music. At the beginning of his career he tried to play several music genre such as house and techno, which leads him now to genre that he played, tech-house.

And since 19 April 2008 he decided to join basement house, because one of his big inspiration from local Dj's is Dj Ical, that also known as one of the founder of Basement House. Beside that his music is also influenced by several international Dj's such as Brett Johnson, Fest Eddi Smith, and last but not least Lauhus. His mission is to make more people know and like tech-house. For additional, His family is the biggest support in his career.

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