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          Futura Discoteca New Year's eve party at Nomas Ubud, Bali


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Cheers for another round, another year! 
In conjunction Indra7’s Birthday, 
please join us and listen to what GLIMPSE has celebrated in 2016.

Basement House "Revelry" Including Alinep & Timsdub Remix on LeftRight Sound

Basement House - Revelry
with Alinep & Timsdub remixes
After the fantastic Neptune EP last year, Basement House is back on LeftRight Sound with something new, yet something classic... Italo-disco vibe! Arp-driven, heady bassline and raw electronic energy, Revelry is transpired to be an immersive dance track of its own.

Equally bold remix outputs are also up for grabs. LeftRight Sound's very own Timsdub worked the original to sound like a re-edit, only with more 'thumps' and surprise twist, while Asia Music's Alinep keeps it dubby & low-slung, making listeners couldn't help but engaged 'til the minute stops.