DJ Ical & Robo X - Happy Chimera (Featuring remix from Darkbark)

Description by label:
After their track, 'You & Me,' being exclusively handpicked for the prestige Global Underground 2015 compilation, the dynamic duo of DJ Ical & Robo X shows no sign of stopping, yet by delivering another gilt-edged single, 'Happy Chimera,' released under LeftRight Sound. Both original track & Drkbrk remix bring equally seductive sonic excursions, with deep & moody vibe transmitting joy for those who like to lose themselves in late-hours dancefloor moments. Hypnodelic tech house at its distinct finest.

Darkoloco "Kumustakana EP" Featuring Remix From Flikswitch, DJ Ical & Timsdub on LeftRight Sound

Description by Label:
Leftright Sound maintains its edge of purveying decent electronic music, thanks to this Kumustakana EP by Darkoloco. An experienced DJ who's absorbed his music influences from living in the US, Netherlands, Philippines, and now Indonesia, it is, surprisingly, his first-ever debut release as an artist-producer. Deep & percussive styling that's become his trademark appears obvious in original tracks, "Affair" & "Doin' Nothing," while the three remixes offer flexible options for DJs to play out; whether it's DJ Ical's minimalistic approach, Flikswitch's clubby take, or deep & quirky touch of Timsdub. Whichever is being picked, this EP guarantees to be your secret sonic weaponry.

"Exotic Persuade" Saturday 13th June 2015 at L'Societe Bandung

"Exotic Persuade" Saturday 13th June 2015 
at L'Societe Bandung
w/ Basement House, Iaz, Daniel Harris, Adam Wild

Basement House "Another Space ep" by LeftRight Sounds

Description by Label:
After leaning towards tech house sound in early releases, LeftRight Sound brings a new gem on the more space-disco tip. Titled "Another Space Invasion," the EP comes from none other than the ever-versatile, dynamic duo of Basement House. The standout cut, "Neptune," is made up of raw synth & drum sounds, giving it a wickedly dramatic analog vibe. Driven by fuzzy, head-nodding bassline, the tune makes an epic sonic excursion. Meanwhile, "Saturn" is more slow-burning, with glimmers of trippy bits & pieces leading onto eargasmic climaxes. After putting various quality releases out there, this could undeniably be Basement House's best production yet to date.