Basement House "Another Space ep" by LeftRight Sounds

Description by Label:
After leaning towards tech house sound in early releases, LeftRight Sound brings a new gem on the more space-disco tip. Titled "Another Space Invasion," the EP comes from none other than the ever-versatile, dynamic duo of Basement House. The standout cut, "Neptune," is made up of raw synth & drum sounds, giving it a wickedly dramatic analog vibe. Driven by fuzzy, head-nodding bassline, the tune makes an epic sonic excursion. Meanwhile, "Saturn" is more slow-burning, with glimmers of trippy bits & pieces leading onto eargasmic climaxes. After putting various quality releases out there, this could undeniably be Basement House's best production yet to date.

Cloud Lounge Essential Grooves, Vol.1 by Laxity Recordings

Please check DJ Ical "Afternoon Walk" track and 
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The People Upstairs X Glimpse

The People Upstairs X Glimpse
Saturday, 25th April 2015
Tunes by: Indra7 & Robin

Friday Disco & Deep House at Queens Head

Friday Disco & Deep House at Queens Head with 
Robin (Basement House) from 10PM till Late